demonetization logistics


With the sudden declaration of 500 and 1000 rupee notes as invalid, the Modi Government surely hit the bull’s eye for eradicating black money in India. But it has created major problems in the logistics industry, especially the trucking industry. These truck drivers carry essential food items as well as raw materials for the various industries situated at far off places; now with sudden demonetization they had no time to stop and exchange the money they were carrying for fuel ,food and road taxes. The government is not collecting taxes on the national highways for the time being, but what about the state highways? As a result many such drivers with invaluable goods are stranded and important supplies have been locked out.


no cash for truck drivers


As regards online shopping; many online stores have stopped giving cash on delivery services due to which the logistics service catering to these portals have seen sharp decrease in service requirement. The ultimate sufferer is the common man alongwith Domestic logistics which are facing genuine problems due to the lack proper planning of demonetization.